Trucking Accident Attorneys

By pairing with a local truck accident lawyer as co-counsel, we can work on cases across the United States. With years of experience working with top trial consultants, and specialized knowledge about trucking laws, we can not only win truck accident cases, but also maximize the results. Your truck accident case may be larger than you think.Accidents with commercial trucks involve a very different set of issues than normal automobile accidents. The truck accident personal injury attorneys of Dolman Law Group, understand the specific nuances involved in semi truck and tractor-trailer accidents. At Dolman Law Group, we have the resources necessary to pursue your case.Trucking Accident Lawyer. A trucking accident lawyer can help drivers and passengers who have been injured in an accident caused by the fault of another. Approximately 4,000 people die in semi truck accidents each year in United States, and another 100,000 people are estimated to be injured in accidents involving large commercial trucks or big rigs.Matt Hughes is suing the train company that was a part of his horrific 2017 accident. The UFC Hall of Famer suffered.In 2018, truck accident lawyers Daniel Munley and marion munley achieved the highest settlement for a single plaintiff in our region – $26 million for the victim of a truck accident who suffered traumatic brain injurydiane Marger Moore – Board-Certified Truck Accident Attorney. Diane Marger Moore of Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman is one of the first lawyers in the country to receive board certification as a Truck Accident Law Advocate from the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA). The accreditation for truck accident law is the first and only in the.Finally, you should always discuss your legal rights with a highly skilled truck accident attorney as soon as you can following your accident. Common Causes of 18-Wheeler Collisions. Like any kind of crash, accidents involving large tractor-trailers can happen in many different ways and for a wide variety of reasons.Your attorney will be able to tell if a trucking company or manufacturer may be liable for your accident in addition to the truck driver. Improperly Loaded Cargo – Loading the beds of commercial trucks must be done carefully and in accordance with the law.

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